Employee Sickness Absence

Sickness absence places a huge strain on the personnel and financial resources of a company. Having an appropriate policy in place to manage this is therefore essential in today’s competitive financial climate.

employee sickness absence

To support management in dealing with sickness and absence issues, ExeMed can provide timely face-to-face assessments either in the workplace or in a clinic situation.

We also provide a rapid, flexible telephone referral service.

ExeMed can help you reduce the disruption, loss of production and management time dealing with sickness absence issues.

We help to speed up the return to work process of your employees following a spell of sickness absence than otherwise would be the case if things were left to run their course.

Early intervention can produce rapid results.

As an employer you might wish to refer an employee to ExeMed for medical assessment in one of the following situations;

  • Repeated short-term absence
  • Long-term absence with no known date for return to work
  • Upon return to work or during recovery from an accident or injury
  • To improve or adjust an employees working environment
  • Poor productivity potentially caused by an undisclosed or undetected medical condition
  • Suspicion of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Disability related adjustments

Much of our business activity is based on our handling of case referrals. Our philosophy is to provide a professional, client focussed and risk managed Occupational Health Service.

Where appropriate, ExeMed aim to return individuals back into the workplace as quickly as possible, but we also advise on other courses of action.

Following referral, our clinical staff will make an independent diagnosis and prognosis, and report back to the employer making recommendations pertaining to the employee’s fitness for their role.