Why people choose us

We pride ourselves on being completely independent — with every package tailored to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

We offer a highly professional, personal, flexible service and a competitive pricing policy.

We always offer the best value possible, with the emphasis on quality.

The Benefits for your Business

  • On-site health surveillance
  • Minimal loss of working time
  • Compliance with current legislation
  • Comprehensive reporting to management
  • Automatic reminder system
  • Reduced risk and cost of litigation
  • Lower costs and improved profitability.

We will…

  • Provide a quote for the required service within 24 hours with no hidden costs. New contracts typically save 10 – 20{37d5f42f5ddf1e91ec365fc98bff6f03bf00f91abe34b3d2d1a32cdaa57350f0} on their existing like for like requirements.
  • Provide discounts for large or repeated visits.
  • Cause minimal downtime for your employees.
  • Conduct tests in accordance with HSE regulations and professional standards.
  • Provide a full employers report within two days of the tests.
  • Give ongoing support, answering questions, etc relating to the report at no additional charge.
  • Send you a simple reminder when tests become due again.
  • Protect your data.

We will not…

  • Bombard you with sales pitches for other services we offer.
  • Sell you something you don’t need – we will not over-sell, and if you don’t need something we will tell you.
  • Use mysterious and scientific language – plain English only.
  • Drag the work out longer than it needs to be to justify time on site.
  • Insist you work to our hours – we will test when your employees are at work. If that is at 4am on a Sunday morning then so be it.