We are able to provide routine vaccinations for occupational activities including overseas travel.

Typical dosage arrangements for vaccinations are as follows:

exemedTodayOne MonthTwo MonthsThree MonthsSix MonthsNotes
Hepatitis B
(Fast Track
also available)
Dose 1Dose 2Dose 3Blood Test also required to check immunity
Hepatitis ADose 1Dose 2Dose 2 may be given at 6-12 months
Polio &
Dose 1Dose 2Dose 3Booster
5-10 yrs
ChickenpoxDose 1Dose 2
MMRDose 1Dose 2Blood testing for components
InfluenzaDose 1 (Autumn)New Vaccine each season
TyphoidDose 1Booster 3-yearly

1) Please note that this is an outline schedule. Other schedule arrangements may be implemented depending on the circumstances, especially if there is an urgent need for protection

2) This list is not exhaustive

3) Please allow sufficient time for vaccination before travel overseas.

We provide a professional service and our occupational health advisors are trained in vaccination procedures.

We carry out vaccinations in line with “Immunisation against infectious disease – The Green Book”.

We also provide information sheets on the vaccines used, including information about side effects.