ExeMed is a flexible, independent Occupational Health provider offering a full range of on-site and off-site services including health surveillance and Occupational Health Assessments to all types of businesses and organisations.

Maintaining the health and well-being of your workforce can help you achieve maximum staff productivity and minimise costs.
Our early involvement in cases of sickness absence can often lead to a faster and safer return to work.

How we can help you

Exemed Occupational Health

Considerable benefits can be delivered from working in partnership with your employees, and Exemed Occupational Health, when you manage sickness absence and return to work … Read more

Health Surveillance

workplace health surveillance

Our occupational health surveillance is a continuous process of planned health assessments designed to detect the early signs of work-related illness. In many industries, risks and … Read more

Drug & Alcohol Screening

workplace drug and health screening

The use of illicit drugs is an increasing problem within the work place. Employers have a right to expect that their prospective employees are drug free, especially in safety critical … Read more

Audiometry (Hearing Test)

hearing test, audiometry

Hearing checks provide warnings of early signs of hearing loss; help check that control measures (e.g. hearing protection) are working, and give employers an opportunity to prevent … Read more

Pre-Employment Check

pre-employment health check

We ensure you are aware of any health issues that may be affected by work, or that may affect an employee’s ability to work, and recommend adjustments that may need to be put into … Read more

Sickness Absence

employee sickness absence

ExeMed can help you reduce disruption, loss of production and management time dealing with sickness absence issues. We help speed up the return to work process of your employees … Read more

Driver Medicals

driver medicals, fork lift truck driver medicals

Exemed Occupational Health offers an on-site service for completing Company Driver Medicals, Fork-lift Driver Medicals and Plant Operator Medicals. Our Driver Medical service is very … Read more

Night Workers

night worker, shift worker

We provide Night Shift Worker Medical Assessments, required under the Working Time Directive, to determine whether a worker is fit to undertake the night work to which he/she has been … Read more

Lung Function

spirometry, lung function testing

Spirometry allows baseline and follow-up measurements of lung function to be carefully recorded. There is a duty for employers to carry out risk assessments in order to identify any … Read more