Health Screening for SME’s

Health Screening for SME Manufacturers

When you are considering what Health Surveillance & Medicals are required for manufacturing industries in general, the following represent common elements you need to consider providing:

  1. Audiometric / Hearing tests – for those exposed to noise.
  2. Spirometry / Lung-function – for those exposed to dust/fumes/vapours – i.e. respiratory sensitisers
  3. Skin checks – for those exposed to chemicals / adhesives cement – i.e. skin sensitisers
  4. HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration) – for those working with vibrating power tools
  5. Plant Operator or Driver Medicals – for those employees operating forklifts, cranes, dumpers, etc. or who drive high mileage for the company.
  6. General Medicals – possibly for those working at heights or working in confined spaces
  7. Night-worker Assessments – for those employees working at night

There are also other less common health surveillance requirements which are linked to specific exposures to certain health risks (i.e. those exposed to lead, asbestos, other biological agents, cold/hot environments, isocyanates, etc…). We are happy to discuss any of the less common exposures & health hazards, so please just contact us to explore any areas of concern.

To cover all the health surveillance elements (1-7 above) you would require approximately 1 hour per person. Clearly if you only require one or two elements from the list above the time required will be proportionately shorter.