Driver Medicals

Company Drivers

ExeMed Occupational Health offers an on-site service for completing Company Driver Medicals, Fork-lift Driver Medicals or Plant Operator Medicals. As with all ExeMed’s services, our Driver Medical service is very convenient, simple to engage and causes minimal disruption, with a basic medical review taking only 30 – 40 minutes per employee.

driver medicals, fork lift truck driver medicals

On site, we only need the use of a convenient room near to the workforce. After each driver medical, we will explain the results to the employee and give health advice as appropriate.

Within 48 hours we will provide a summarised management report for your records.

In accordance with the HS (G) 6 medical standards ExeMed recommends that drivers should be screened before employment and at 5 yearly intervals from the age of 45. The assessments should be annually from the age of 65.

Further assessment should be made if any of the following apply;

  • Any absence greater than one month
  • Any illness shorter than one month if the illness affects their ability to drive.
  • Following the licence being revoked due to a medical condition.

Contact us to arrange your on-site driver / plant operator medicals.